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🎧 Episode 10:

Impact + Success = ROI

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Research Budget

November 11th, 2019

Your research budget is often your research budget. If you’re lucky, you might get some bonus budget at the end of the fiscal year, but you can’t always rely on more money to do everything you want. So how can you make the most of what you have? In our two-part series “Getting the Most Out of Your Research Budget”, we discuss various avenues to ROI, including:

  • Understanding ROI opportunities beyond revenue growth
  • The long tail of research (hint: you’re not done at the reporting stage)
  • Designing for “Plan B”: making the most of learning something you didn’t expect to learn
  • The importance of transparency with stakeholders and partners
  • Managing scope inadequacy vs. scope creep
  • Building vs. buying: deciding when to insource vs. outsource

This series features:


Part 1: Generating Impact

Part 2: Scoping for Success

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